Ramén Ball Sector Control Valve. KS-Series

  • Material in SST316L as standard
    • 254SMO for highly corrosive resistant application
    • Titanium as option
  • Wafer design for standard KS, DN300 in flange
  • Chromed coated ball sector
  • Size range: DN25(1’’)– DN300(12’’)
  • Pressure rating:
    • Up to DN50: PN40
    • Up to DN100: PN25
    • Above DN100: PN16
  • Temperature range: -40C-250C
  • Kvs(CV) range: 0.025(0.03)-3840(4500) [m3/h]([gpm])
  • Seats: PTFE, Peek soft seat / Solid Stellite metal seat
  • Seat leakage class, EN60534-4: VI (soft seat) / IV(metal seat)
  • O-rings of different material (e.g.Viton, EPDM, Kalrez)
  • Two inner and outer O-rings seal the valve through the shaft
  • Maintenance- free PTFE-based slide ring

Ball Sector Valves

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